Hello World!

The “MAN” says.. “Just do it”…. Three little words that can loom like the Himalayas… and here I sit, elevation 60 feet, sans sherpas… but NOT without experience…

So what’s the big deal? I spent 15 years as a reporter, photographer and editor for a daily newspaper… my first career out of college. (There have been five more and I will probably touch on those in the future…) But first, I have to conquer my first blog post… Seriously, fifteen years as a journalist didn’t really prepare me for blogging. Sure, I’ve written literally a million words but I was doing features and news stories, police beat and a food column… I only provided the words to convey the stories to my readers, I didn’t have to come up WITH the subjects!

Like many women of my generation, I regularly received a blank book, entitled “My Diary”, for Christmas presents from my parents… I double-dog dare you to find anything written in them past January 31st… My life was just not exciting enough to fill page after page in a diary!

Times, people and circumstances change… and life becomes how we react to each!

I don’t have a particular soapbox from which to pontificate… My friends know I love cats (and all animals, but cats most of all), I sing in the church choir and sometimes solo, I’m a terrific cook and have done it professionally… My alter ego is Mama… She be a right sneaky one… creepin’ into my writin’ and puttin’ her own slant on stuff… See there she goes….

I think I will take a “shotgun” approach to things and write about whatever strikes my fancy on a particular day… it could be almost anything… a new book… a recipe… cute joke… new TE… specials at Pistol-Packing-Mama.com or at any of my business links found in side-links here.

AND, I would like to hear from you about what you are thinking….

So, for now… K.I.S.S… and be good to each other….