Never Stop Learning!

Sadly, my Mr. Neato has sucked up his last dust bunny and I have a new resident robot vacuum cleaner. This one must be female though, and prolly a ditzy blonde at that… Have to name this one, it’s a roomba… maybe MizBot…

Whereas Mr. Neato ran in nice neat rows, MizBot runs in ditzy circles all around the room… I keep checking on her to make sure she isn’t missing anything. I will say she is faster and quieter than Mr. Neato was.. (“Typical man,” Mama sez, “always makin’ noise!” “Hush, Mama, that’s rude and we have a lot of male readers!” “Humfph,”  Mama replied but settled down…) And until I can get her synced to my phone so I can set her schedule, I will have to push her buttons, manually… no biggie!!

And I have to learn her language of beeps and bips and tones, she apparently doesn’t understand my language when I tell her, “You got caught under that dresser two minutes ago, so go clean elsewhere”…. Life! Always a learning experience!

But isn’t that true? We are always learning from even before we are born (hearing our mother’s heart beat and tummy rumbles from the inside and being comforted by the sounds) until the day we die! No one starts as an expert, we are all newbies at some point, and if we don’t continue to learn we will stagnate!!!

We all need to learn… many of the TEs have member chats in Skype at no cost that you can sign up for through the individual sites. Most of the TEs have chats activated so you can ask for help while you are surfing… and there are specialized chats for TE owners  and CTP team members and Zubee teams. Never be in the dark about something, find a chat, ask your questions and keep learning!!

So, for now… K.I.S.S… and be good to each other….

5 thoughts on “Never Stop Learning!

    • Thank you John… I am not at expert at anything but I will listen to people’s opinions and many times it will strike a chord in my brain… Or something happens in realtime.. and I think, Oh somebody was talking about that in chat yesterday…. now I understand better what they meant… and I have learned something new… hence this blog!! lol

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