As the Dust Settles…

The REAL work begins….

There is always a big dog and pony show when a site or program launches…. Everyone jumps on board, reacting to the enthusiasm of site or program owners… It’s always the biggest… best… newest… most wonderful thing since sliced bread… (All y’all be needing is a nice sharp knife to slice bread…. Hush, Mama, it is just an expression… Hurumpf! Don’t make no sense to me… Ok, Mama, please give me a chance to explain!!)

But every once in a while, something new and good DOES come along.. and after the original furor (and dust) settles, you begin to see the value of this newest “big deal”…

For example, this TE ListBuilder… Blain has been working on for “years”, but it recently came into fruition.. Sure it exploded on the TE scene with all the customary celebration.. Many people joined immediately, joined teams and started advertising and heaping praise on it… But, as the dust settles, some people are finding the concept difficult.. others are not willing to put in the work it takes… and others, not making a million in the first week, have lost interest…

Seriously? Did you learn to talk in a couple of weeks… or how about learn to walk in a couple of weeks… learn a new language in a couple of weeks??? Nope, not unless you are some kind of freaky genius…

Do you want to be a “penny clicker” all your life, or are you serious about actually making some money, paying some bills, following some dreams?

The TE ListBuilder is a site to join. Blain has a ton of videos to teach you ALL you need to know in simple little bursts, TASKS, if you will, to learn at your own pace… It’s NOT rocket science… you don’t need a degree in computer technology… you just have to follow the path that Blain has set for you….

Well, what are you waiting for… get off the fence, go sign up and learn to use TEs the way they are supposed to be used!!!

So, for now… K.I.S.S… and be good to each other….

10 thoughts on “As the Dust Settles…

  1. Hi, Renee. Great post and well said about how you can’t learn something overnight. Blain came up with an even better program. Way to go Blain! Unfortunately, people come online and want some kind of magic money to get something for nothing. It’s the fault of the fake ads out there that promise things that just don’t come true. They are the program hoppers gambling their money away and/or expecting everything for free. Well, darn it all, we need to do something about that, don’t we! 🙂

  2. All right, Mama, this is nice and good … But Blain did not think of those who may not understand the video, they can not see it, they can not hear me because they’re working on a bad machine … So they need textual directions too … I know the videos they are simple … but unfortunately this is not enough for everyone

    Br good


  3. Hey René,

    I agree. This is one of those programs you just have to follow if you really want to learn to build a list which is a necessity if you are planning on being successful online.

  4. Great Post Renee, You never learn anything in an instant.
    Most members leaving a program after few weeks is also the standard industry has set for itself, new members learn from established Owners, and it became a norm in the industry, promote every other new launch, every other week and next week go after another one, members learn it that way.
    It is time to stick to few programs and start learning how to use them effectively.

  5. Stay the course. Be it TE List Builder or anything for that matter. Pick one thing and stick to it, or perhaps pick one thing that can encompass other things is more my preference. Nothing wrong with trying something out. Kick the tires, but never stray from your core mandate.
    Be it your own core site and main promotion build everything around that. And something new comes up maybe mention it, throw a page up, a banner, make a video, blog post etc etc but no core is poor.

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