Chicken Little was right….

You think you have it all together… no major appliances have broken down… (“What about back in December when the A/C broke?” Mama sez, “I be callin’ that major.”  “Mama, that was in December, and it was the aircon and the furnace that broke, but December in Texas is not hot and we had a fireplace for that one chilly night,” I replied, “Now can I please finish my story???” “Harrumphf,” sez Mama.)

Now, where was I… right.. no major appliciance have broken down, the none of the kids are sick for a change… you actually got back a small refund from the IRS… you can sit back and enjoy that cuppa coffee or that adult beverage without guilt…

Then BOOM.. some one starts yelling about the sky is falling and you are yanked back to reality… wa-a-a-a-ay too fast for comfort… I had to sell my electric car because its range is only 90 miles and my husband was moved to a veterans home 200 miles away… and renting a car to go see him was costing ridiculous amounts of money. I bought the electric car when gas prices were high and they immediately dropped… So I traded my electric car for a hybrid to be able to use electric around town, and then gas on the long distances… And gas prices immediately jump… Apparently MY choice of car directly affects the price of gas…. sheesh…

Then I figured the price of “coin” had fallen pretty low so I bought some at the lower price…. BOOM.. drops even furtther… sheesh…. Apparently anything I purchase affects prices of “coin” also…

But you know what? No buyer’s remorse on anything. Not getting out of this life with my money intact, I’m enjoying the ride of both the hybrid and the “coins” and there is always tomorrow… the sky may fall today… but probably not tomorrow….

So, for now… K.I.S.S… and be good to each other….


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