Rose-Colored Glasses Don’t Show It All

Y’know… when we were young and stupid (“Don’t be sayin’ stupid, that be rude!!! “You’re right, Mama… sorry… I’ll rephrase that…) When we were young and inexperienced, we viewed our future, our love life, our family, our golden years through rose-colored glasses…

We would find our one true love, have a wonderful life (possibly with children), watch them grow up, have successful careers and families of their own… while we would grow old gracefully and, at some point, pass into whatever state you believe that follows one’s life.

But, as most of us have learned, nothing follows our original plans… We find that our Prince Charming is not our shining knight in armor.. not all our kids grow up to be successful, no matter how hard we try…our chosen careers downsize and leave us looking for work when we should be getting ready to retire… old age and sickness steal the joy from our Golden Years..

So, like when your computer freezes, you must reboot and try again… No one ever said life was easy and sometimes life seems to be downright impossible… Ok… so you didn’t really want to retire and “motorhome” throughout the entire country, stopping when you wanted and going where the road might lead you…  Finding new solutions to increasing age and illness and financial issues is now your biggest challenge… and that can be overwhelming to many people… You have to stop and take stock of your pluses and minuses and remap your future. Throwing up your hands and sobbing into the nearest pillow is NOT an option…. so I have been rebooting my personal life and seeking new solutions.. it’s not easy but then not much of life IS easy…

Like the most recent upheaval in online businesses is the suspending of Payza, then the renewal of PayPal’s attack against online businesses less than a year from the last attack that forced many TEs out of business.. STP is still not licensed everywhere… Dwolla, Skrill, Serve and a bunch of other payment options are not available around the world… and face it.. if we are running international businesses we NEED something available internationally…

We must branch out… we must find options that are good everywhere… that cross country borders and multiple languages… we must NOT put all our eggs in one basket ever again… but for now, I’m still liking crypto-coins… Still hesitant and not sure? You really needs to educate yourself…. there is no easier place to do that than

Yes, that is my reflink and yes, you need to check it out… it is FREE and simply the easiest way to learn cryptocoins. Many easy-to-follow videos take you step by step to learn, earn and make use of this newest wrinkle in payments… Don’t think about it… just DO IT!

So, for now… K.I.S.S… and be good to each other….

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